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  • Support and advice when buying or selling real estate
  • Verification of property titles
  • Management of your property in Paraguay, generally or temporarily in case of  during your absence
  • Preparation of private and notarial purchase contracts
  • Carry out of all regulatory requirements
  • Consulting on property search
  • Document translations







  • Execution of all formalities for immigration to Paraguay
  • We support you in moving and take care of the freight of your container and customs formalities.
  • Authentications and legalizations of documents
  • Translations of documents






Company Foundationfirmengr


We offer services in the establishment of your company or business to Paraguay. We advise you in choosing the legal form. Basically, there are similar legal forms in Paraguay such as in Germany or other countries:

  • S.R.L. (Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limida) corresponds to a Ltd.
  • SA (Sociedad Anònima) corresponds to a stock corporation
  • UP (Empresa Unipersonal) corresponds to a single enterprise or individual business
  • COOP (Cooperativa) corresponds to a registered cooperative society

Please note, that a valid Cedula of the founder is required for setting up a company in Paraguay.

We can also advise you in tax- and accounting matters for your company. Please contact us




Additional Servicesjusticia


  • Around your family, for example, Inheritances, Donations, marriage contracts, adoptions
  • Around Your motor vehicles, consulting, verification of property titles (registration documents)
  • Powers of attorney
  • We cooperate with tax consultants and lawyers.